Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program Euro Pholosophy

Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program, Euro Pholosophy - Over the two academic years 2008-9 and 2009-10 at Hosei University, classes for the first semester of "Euro Philosophy", an EU Erasmus Mundus Master Program, have taken the form of one-month intensive lecture series. This is the first instance in Japan of administering such a large-scale intensive lecture series within the Erasmus Mundus Master Program.


Opening Ceremony (2010)

The 22nd saw the cherries on the outer moat beginning to blossom, in time for the Opening Ceremony of the Erasmus Mundus "Euro Philosophy" 2010 Hosei Program, to welcome the seven students and three lecturers from Europe. It was held on the 26th floor of Boissonade Tower, and they were joined by members of EU and French Embassies. There were also many who attended from Hosei University, including President Masuda, Governor Tokuyasu, and program organiser in Japan, Professor Abiko of the Faculty of Letters.

Classes will commence from tomorrow, the 23rd.

Greeting from President Masuda. Left: Governor Tokuyasu.

Greeting from Mr Aitchison, European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture (left). Ms Vareille, Attache, Deputy Head, Press, Public & Cultural Affaires, Delegation of European Commission to Japan (centre). Mr Decreux, University Exchange Attaché, Cultural Affairs Department of the Embassy of France (right).

The Lecturers (left). Professor Abiko and the Students (right).

Opening Ceremony Commemorative Photograph.

Saki Kogure to enter the Erasmus Mundus Master Course

Hosei University Faculty of Letters 4th-year Philosophy Major to graduate this March, Saki Kogure, has won a place on the Erasmus Mundus Master Course "Euro Philosophy", and has departed for Europe to study philosophy for two years, 2010-2012. This was a remarkable achievement considering that there were 60 applications to fill the 10 places for non-European students. Among the 10 there are one from each of Canada, Russia, Argentina, Japan, Iran and Korea, and two from each of Brazil and China. See below for further details.



Erasmus Mundus 2010 classes will soon begin.

It is still a little early for the cherry blossom, however on Tuesday, 23 March we will make a start on classes for the 2010 Hosei Program of Erasmus Mundus "Euro Philosophy".


Members of the public are free to listen to the classes. Come directly to Room 303 of  the Hosei University Graduate School Block on Sotobori (outer moat). (24 March only will be Room A501 of Hosei University School of Policy Sciences (Anshin Building).


Please see the syllabus for details of dates, times, locations and content of classes.


Syllabus: http://erasmus.ws.hosei.ac.jp/en/syllabus/


Exam, Evaluation Meeting and Farewell Party (2009)

The "Euro Philosophy" Hosei Program, which has been held over the course of one month, had its final day on 29th April. The report this time will focus on the exam, evaluation meeting and farewell party held on that day.

0902_photo.jpgScene from the evaluation meeting(left); The photo of farewell party(right)

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Life in Japan for the European students (2009)

We will take a look at one aspect of life in Japan for the students, based on a report and photographs of the apartment building sent in by one of the European students, Jérôme Paulucci.

0801_photo.jpg View from the entrance of the apartment

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Glimpse at Classes, Part 3 (2009)

The local scenery has turned from the pink of cherry blossom to the light green of young leaves. Four weeks since the program began, classes came to a successful conclusion on 24th April, 2009. This report will centre on the classes given by Japanese professors later on in the schedule.

0701-scene.jpgGraduate School Block

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Lecture by Professor François (2009)

We will continue to take a look at lectures: this time by Professor Arnaud François, held under the cooperation of the Hosei University Graduate School Philosophy Major and the IT Research Center at the Kudan Schoolrooms on 18th April, 2009. (see previous report)

0601_photo.jpgA photo of the lecture by Professor Arnaud François

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The Lecture by Professor Caeymaex (2009)

As proposed last time, this report and the next will look at the main lectures held at Hosei University. First is the lecture by Professor Florence Caeymaex held on 17 April 2009 in the Boissonade Tower, Hosei University, sponsored by the Faculty of Intercultural Communication.

0501_photo.jpgProfessor Caeymaex

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