Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program Euro Pholosophy

Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program, Euro Pholosophy - Over the two academic years 2008-9 and 2009-10 at Hosei University, classes for the first semester of "Euro Philosophy", an EU Erasmus Mundus Master Program, have taken the form of one-month intensive lecture series. This is the first instance in Japan of administering such a large-scale intensive lecture series within the Erasmus Mundus Master Program.


Opening Reception (2012)

A year since its cancellation due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the EU Erasmus Mundus Master Program "EuroPhilosophie" Hosei Program held its Opening Reception - 2 years' on - in the Boissonade Tower 26F lounge of Hosei University on 2 April, to a view of the cherries beginning to bloom.

Professor Shin Abiko, Faculty of Literature, and person responsible in Japan for this program, acted as host. President Toshio Masuda gave his greetings to mark the program commencement, expressing pride in Hosei University's internationalized educational strategy brought about by participation in this program, and gratitude for the gift of cooperation from all those involved, especially the teaching staff from Europe and other universities in Japan. This was followed by greetings by Mr. Richard Kelner of the EU Delegation in Japan, who complimented the university on its role in the field of Japan-Europe educational exchange.

Governor Yoshiro Fukuda proposed a toast, which led on to some lively chat. Then, teaching staff from France and Japan, who will run classes over the 3 months in 3 subjects (metaphysics, phenomenology, philosophy of science), introduced themselves and the gist of their classes. Students who have already arrived from Europe (who are not necessarily of European nationality) also introduced themselves and gave their greetings.

After chat reached its climax, guests of honour, Ambassador Dorahomir Stos, Slovakia's Ambassador in Japan, and Mr. Maxime Pierre, of Cultural Affairs Section of Embassy of France, both gave their greetings to end the reception. Ambassador Stos emphasized the importance in the world today of the Erasmus Mundus educational system in its transcending national borders for young people. Mr. Pierre stressed the significance of the use of French and German - not English - as the languages of "EuroPhilosophie ".

The 3-hour long enjoyable reception thus came to a close, with all those in attendance surely hoping very much for the success of this year's program.

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The Final Evening (2010)

On the final evening after the Farewell Party of 16th, on Professor Abiko's suggestion, a gathering of Professors Abiko and Montebello, the students from Europe, Professors Kono and Murakami, Messrs Hayashi and Tanaka from the International Center, and students from Japan made their way to a restaurant near to Hosei University frequented by Professor Abiko's seminar group, and there the festivities continued with more beer and shôchû.

Lecturers and students enjoy chatting (Restaurant near Hosei University)

☆ This marks the end of the Erasmus Mundus Hosei Program 2010. Thank you for having taken time to read these reports. We hope to see you back in a year's time for the Hosei Program 2011. Takahashi, student of Professor Abiko's Seminar Group

Farewell Party (2010)

After the Evaluation Meeting on 16th, a Farewell Party was held in the Hosei University Boissonade Tower 25F Conference Room B. The party signalled the close of the four week-long Erasmus Mundus « Euro Philosophy » Hosei Program 2010. The next day, 17th, the lecturers and students from Europe began their departure from Japan.

A toast by lecturers and students at the Farewell Party (left : Hosei University Boissonade Tower 25F Conference Room B), Students and lecturers attending the Farewell Party (right)

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Evaluation Meeting (2010)

The Erasmus Mundus Hosei Program 2010 reached its final day on 16th April, and an Evaluation Meeting was held in the Hosei University Boissonade Tower 25F Conference Room B. Participants were Coordinator of the Hosei Program, Professor Abiko, and from Erasmus Mundus, Professors Montebello and Rodrigo, lecturer from Japan, Professor Murakami, and the students from Europe. From Hosei University were philosophy specialist, Professor Okuda, International Center's Messrs Hayashi and Hirooka, and Graduate School Office's Mr Matsui.
During this meeting all of the students and lecturers from Europe and lecturers from Japan put forward their comments. They confirmed the success of this year's Program, and also provided clearly various feelings and opinions which will help improve even further the Hosei Program next year.

Evaluation Meeting led by Professor Abiko (above: Hosei University Boissonade Tower 25F Conference Room B), Participants at Evaluation Meeting (below)

Erasmus Mundus Lecture Meeting (2010)

A lecture was given on the 12th by Arnaud François (Lecturer, University of Toulouse II, France; Hosei Program Coordinator for EU) on the theme: 'Erasmus Mundus «Euro Philosophy» : A New Experiment in Education and Teaching', held in the Hosei University Boissonade Tower 26 F Conference Room A. At this lecture meeting, the lecturer, Professor François provided us with a detailed introduction to the aim and content of the «Euro Philosophy Program», part of the EU European Commission Erasmus Mundus Program. (This lecture meeting will be available for viewing in a few days time at http://erasmus.ws.hosei.ac.jp/en/video/ ).

"Euro Philosophy" has the meaning of French and German Philosophy; more particularly, is defined by the three philosophical fields of (1) Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, Marx, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche of German Classical Philosophy, (2) Biran, Bergson, Foucault and Deleuze of French Modern Philosophy, and (3) German and French Phenomenology. The program aims to create and develop an international community for education and research in French and German Philosophy. Students studying on this Master Course Program visit universities of several different countries, and learn these philosophies from specialists of French and German Philosophy at the various universities. Specialists are invited from universities in other countries in addition to those at each local university. As a result, classes for this Master Course held at universities in various countries form a gathering place for Erasmus Mundus students, students of the local university, teaching staff of the local university and teaching staff from other countries. By carrying out classes for the Master Course in an increasing number of different countries, it is hoped that the international community for education and research in French and German Philosophy will thus be created and developed within the «Euro Philosophy Program».

(1) Professor François' lecture (Hosei University Boissonade Tower 26 F Conference Room A).Greeting from the Chair, Professor Abiko; beside him, Interpreter, Professor Gohara.A participant asks Professor François a question.

The Japanese Lecturers (2010)

This year there were eight lecturers from Japan : five of whom were involved last year, and three being new to the program. Last year six Japanese lecturers each taught three courses, but this year one of the eight taught four courses, while the other seven each taught two courses.

Professor Suzuki's class discussing deleuzian spinozism (top left), Professor Hara's class which considered Lacan's concept of desire (top right), Professor Kono's class on Gibson's 'extended mind' and Neuroethics (below)

Japanese Philosophy (2010)

One characteristic feature of the 2010 Hosei Program is that several Japanese philosophies have been brought up alongside European Philosophy. For example, the philosophy of Omori Shozo, Nishi Amane, Tanabe Hajime, Tsurumi Shunsuke etc. The students from Europe show interest in all types of philosophy, but in particular had many questions and observations in relation to Tanabe Hajime's The Logic of Species raised in Professor Goda's class.

Professor Kanamori's class on the philosophy of Omori Shozo (Top left), Professor Goda on Tanabe Hajime (Top right), Professor Abiko on Nishi Amane (Below)