Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program Euro Pholosophy

Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program, Euro Pholosophy - Over the two academic years 2008-9 and 2009-10 at Hosei University, classes for the first semester of "Euro Philosophy", an EU Erasmus Mundus Master Program, have taken the form of one-month intensive lecture series. This is the first instance in Japan of administering such a large-scale intensive lecture series within the Erasmus Mundus Master Program.


Hosei Erasmus Mundus Program - Europhilosophie

Hosei University has become a new member of the consortium of universities formed around "Euro Philosophy", one program of the European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Master Program. It will hold a half semester of lectures for the program with the additional assistance of teaching staff from Europe and other universities in Japan.